Incoming tour operator

Incoming tour operator based in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, Wild Madagascar customizes tours for individuals and groups alike all over La Grande Island. The domain of our activities comprehends building classic tours, adventure trips, safari, hiking, trekking, biking, reservations of hotels, of flights, and any form of ground and marine transportation. We also organize cruises, fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling, free diving, spear and deep sea fishing and aquatic sports as surfing and kite-surfing.

Wild Madagascar is managed by nature lover incoming tour operators. Our strength as professionals of the incoming tour operating of the destination Madagascar lies in our commitment, the guaranty of a personal and customized touch to each request, in a careful and rigorous selection of hotels regardless of their category, in the use of efficient means of transport and camping equipment, in the partnership with reliable transport companies and operators, in the conduct of tours by experienced tour guides. Thorough knowledge and acquaintance of the field, we travel regularly throughout different regions of Madagascar for the sake of photography, of reconnaissance of hotels and lodges yet mainly to satisfy the almost insatiable thirst of adventure and exploration that enlivens us, the prompt response to inquiries are, to our humble opinion, evidence of the professionalism that drives us. We, Wild Madagascar, as an incoming tour operator specialist of the destination Madagascar, are proud to guarantee to our partners outbound tour operators as much as to our customers the peace of mind owed them for the organization of the valuable vacation handled by an expert, attentive, passionated, prompt and friendly, honest and transparent incoming tour operator; we indeed will not restrict ourselves on only describing a destination and the highlights of each region, we will keep you informed and updated on the reality of the country, our daily living and to the extent of our possibilities, we will transmit you, in whole or in part, the passion that binds us to Madagascar, our beloved island. At wild Madagascar, we transcend our role of incoming tour operator; we are the hospitable, cheerful, and attentive accompanying traveller on whom you can always count. In short, we are bound by the magic word “fihavanana”, the exemplary malagasy concept which encompasses in single word goodwill, friendship and kinship, a concept stronger than any economic or financial tie. As a malagasy proverb goes “I am yours and it is easy; if I were to another, it would be difficult”.

Wild Madagascar is an active member of Go To Madagascar the only one Malagasy association that brings together different actors in the tourism industry in Madagascar, hoteliers, restaurateurs, specialized operators, incoming tour operators, travel agents, land, air and sea transportation companies, resource persons and other actors of the travel industry.